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Texas Hail Damage – Momma Bear Roofer an Help

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Think You May Have Hail Storm Damage?

When severe thunderstorms pass through Central Texas, they can often produce heavy rain, strong winds, and hail the size of a golf ball. If your Central Texas home has sustained damage following an intense hailstorm and needs emergency repair services, contact the roof hail damage repair professionals at Momma Bear Roofer located in Cedar Park, Texas.

What Is Hail?

A naturally-occurring, but rare meteorological phenomenon, hail is produced when drafts during unusual weather conditions carry raindrops up into extremely cold atmospheres where they freeze into hailstones before falling like regular rain. While hail may look like tiny snowballs, it is actually solid precipitation that can range from the size of a pebble to the size of a baseball. Hail is different from snow because hailstorms can occur during warmer temperatures and can cause a lot of damage to automobiles and commercial and residential roofs.


Roof Damages Caused by Hail

When destructive hail damage occurs to your roof, it can lead to leaks and serious water damage if left unaddressed. While a hailstorm will affect different roofing materials in different ways, a severe hailstorm can damage, crack, or dent:

  • Asphalt, Wooden, or Tile Shingles
  • Skylights
  • Gutters
  • Vent hoods
  • Solar Panels

Emergency Hail Damage Repair and Inspection

To ensure that your roof has not suffered serious damage, it is imperative that you schedule a roof inspection by a licensed roofing company immediately following a hailstorm. Our trained roofing professionals will get to you as soon as possible, examine every inch of your roof for hail damage, and provide you with a written estimate for any recommended or urgent repairs.

Certain severe hailstorms can also pass as a qualifying event for homeowner’s insurance coverage, so be sure to ask your knowledgeable roofer about the right steps to take when filing a hail-related roof damage insurance claim.

Your Local Hail Damage Roof Repair Experts

If golf ball-sized hail has pummeled your Central Texas home, then rely on the experienced roofers at Momma Bear Roofer for fast and efficient emergency hail damage roofing repair services. With experience and knowledge of providing the Austin, Texas area with quality roofing services, Momma Bear Roofer is familiar with hail damage and what it takes to repair and reinforce your roof from severe Central Texas weather.

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We are dedicated to building strong roofs and business relationships in our community and serving our clients with honesty and integrity. If you’re looking for help with your next roofing installation or repair project, contact Momma Bear Roofer to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.

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